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Goldie is made up with his Backgammon Board

We are so pleased with our latest customer review, check out Goldie opening his new Bone Club backgammon set for the first time. He’s a keen player so of course I’ve challenged him to a game – lets see what he’s made of; mostly gold I should think 🙂

Check out https://www.instagram.com/mrgoldie/

To celebrate we’re giving you the chance to WIN a Bone Club doubling cube by telling us who you would challenge for your ultimate game of backgammon. Just fill in the details below,  most entertaining answer wins!

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Bone Club Backgammon Boards

Welcome to our range of UK designed competition and bespoke backgammon boards. We offer a range of affordable backgammon boards, all made with the modern player in mind.

Our house backgammon boards come in a range of contemporary colours – take a look at our range. Our competition backgammon boards are 20% bigger than mere Tournament size. We think it’s the difference between living in a one bed or a mansion!

We have taken the time to ensure our backgammon boards offer you a great playing experience with our attention to detail and quality boards. Our dice and checkers come in complimentary colours too.

We also offer a range of bespoke competition backgammon boards made from luxury fabrics such as suede, baize and leather. You have the opportunity to design your own board. We are happy to work with you to find the right backgammon board for you so get in touch for a free quote.

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Backgammon Boards Blog

Goldie Vs Statham

We're not allowed to tell you who won when Goldie took on Statham on a Bone Club board, but we bet it was an interesting game. Goldie and Bone Club now have plans for an Invitational evening of BG at an Uber cool London venue in June time next year. Fingers crossed...

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Lastest backgammon set commission

Sprining into March with our lastest backgammon board commission. Even though it's been baltic out there, thankfully the darkness of  the winter months are coming to an end and as we all give a sigh of relief to more natural light in our life here at Bone Club  we are...

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Bill Robertie House Board Review…

Only three people have won the backgammon world championship twice including the legend that is Bill Robertie. So we thought we’d send him a bone club house board to get his opinion. Here is what Bill Thought…

The modern backgammon boom continues apace, with new players, tournaments and clubs appearing on a regular basis. New players require new books and new equipment, and thankfully suppliers are appearing to meet the need.

I recently received for review a set from one of the newest suppliers, Bone.Club. The company is located in the U.K. but sells worldwide through its website, www.boneclub.co.uk. I picked a color scheme called ‘A Kind of Blue’ (blue, black, and yellow), but several other color schemes are available, such as Purple Rain (red, blue, and purple), Green Dream (green, black, and orange), and others. The colors are all sharp and vivid, which makes for a very impressive-looking set. Here’s a picture of the board I received, showing the striking colors.

The first thing you’ll notice about the board and pieces is their size. The checkers are 2” (50.8mm) in size, which is common in Europe, where it’s known as championship size or competition size. (In America the typical tournament set uses 1.75” checkers, or 44.5mm.) The checkers fit snugly six across as they should, neither too tight or too loose.

The board was made with a consideration for easy transport. Many European sets in this size are attractive but brutally heavy, often weighing in at over 20 pounds. The sheer weight makes it hard to lug those sets to tournaments. The BoneClub set, by contrast, is just under 11 pounds, making it easily transportable for almost anyone.

Checkers are a sturdy plastic, and the colors complement the board colors very well. The checkers are dimpled, with the center recessed a bit, which makes them especially easy to slide.
The set comes with a set of precision dice, a doubling cube, and a pair of dice cups which match the board colors. The cups lack lips, which might bother some players, but there’s plenty of room in the interior of the set to replace them with leather lipped cups from another source if you prefer.

One of the nicest features of the set is its fantastic price – 149 British pounds. This compares very favorably with other sets of similar or even smaller sizes, making it a bargain for the price.

If you’re looking for a large, well-made set at a very reasonable price, the Bone.Club set is definitely worth consideration.

Types of backgammon boards

Backgammon boards come in many different sizes and are called different names depending on where you buy them from! Bone Club sells three sizes at the moment; 1) competition or championship or olympic size backgammon boards with 50mm checkers and 2) Tournament backgammon boards with 45mm checkers 3) Standard size with 38mm checkers.

At Bone Club we like competition and tournament backgammon boards as they really allow for a full size game creating much more of an experience than smaller boards.

The checkers size determines the size of the board. The checkers can come in many forms from Acrylic to Leather to Brass and Aluminium to name a  few.

The history of backgammon

Backgammon is a very old, arguably the oldest game in existence, next to Go and Chess. It probably originated in Mesopotamia now Iraq some 5000 years ago. Evidence supporting this fact is due to some ancient dice made from human bones were found in this area. This is the reason we call our business Bone Club. The Romans made the game popular with a version called ‘Duodecum Scripta et Tabulae’ or ‘Tables’ for short.

The history of any game can be tracked by looking for references in both art and literature. It is mentioned in early literature, for example in ‘Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales’, and in Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’.

The title of the game backgammon first appeared in 1645. No is sure but scholars believe that it came from the Middle English ‘baec’ > back and ‘gamen’ > game. The popularity of the game was increased by an important event when some people in New York came up with the concept of doubling the stakes. The doubling cube was born. Nowadays backgammon boards are played on in all different shapes and sizes from wooden to leather to metal to fabric. Backgammon boards can range from a few pounds to many thousands of pounds. Take a look at the Bone Clubs range of backgammon boards here.

The basics of backgammon

Backgammon is played on backgammon sets, backgammon boards or sometimes backgammon tables. The components of the backgammon boards are made up from the board with 24 triangular alternating colour ‘pips’ split by a ‘bar’ in the middle. Essentially backgammon is a battle and a race eventually becoming a race once the players checkers have moved past each other. The pieces or ‘backgammon checkers’ are set up in a certain way.

The dice are rolled and the checkers are moved either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on which colour you are. The objective is to win the race and get your checkers round the board in to your home board and once they are there you can bear off removing your pieces until they are all off. Two dice are rolled each turn and checkers are moved in either two ways, 1) moving one checker the total of both dice or 2) moving two different checkers the value of each dice.

Doubles are a bit different and and usually a good roll, you get to move 4 times the value of the dice. Lets say you get a double 6 you would be able to move 4 pieces 6 points in total. In the beginning checkers can be taken by an opponent if they land on a single checker (called a blot). When pieces are taken they go on to the bar and must restart at the beginning again.