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Eye catching, conversation starting, contemporary coloured Bone Club backgammon boards

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Bone Club Backgammon Boards

Welcome to our range of UK designed competition and bespoke backgammon boards. We offer a range of affordable backgammon boards, all made with the modern player in mind.

Our house backgammon boards come in a range of contemporary colours – take a look at our range. Our competition backgammon boards are 20% bigger than mere Tournament size. We think it’s the difference between living in a one bed or a mansion!

We have taken the time to ensure our backgammon boards offer you a great playing experience with our attention to detail and quality boards. Our dice and checkers come in complimentary colours too.

We also offer a range of bespoke competition backgammon boards made from luxury fabrics such as suede, baize and leather. You have the opportunity to design your own board. We are happy to work with you to find the right backgammon board for you so get in touch for a free quote.

Let the good times roll!


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Lastest backgammon board commission

Sprining into March with our lastest backgammon board commission. Even though it's been baltic out there, thankfully the darkness of  the winter months are coming to an end and as we all give a sigh of relief to more natural light in our life here at Bone Club  we are...

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Backgammon @FLOK in Manchester

We had a great time at our first Manchester Bone club event at FLOK. A fantastic turn out for our Bone Club members and FLOK regulars. Open to Backgammon newbies and seasoned players, we all enjoyed lots of drink, food and thrilling games - what better way to brighten...

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BONE CLUB Backgammon @ FLOK Manchester

Sunday 18th February 2018 4pm Come down for an afternoon of rolling dice @ FLOK Manchester with friendly competition with Bone Club Backgammon, see for more information. The afternoon is open to all skill levels of Backgammon. Boards will be...

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Bill Robertie House Board Review…


Only three people have won the backgammon world championship twice including the legend that is Bill Robertie. So we thought we’d send him a bone club house board to get his opinion. Here is what Bill Thought…

The modern backgammon boom continues apace, with new players, tournaments and clubs appearing on a regular basis. New players require new books and new equipment, and thankfully suppliers are appearing to meet the need.

I recently received for review a set from one of the newest suppliers, Bone.Club. The company is located in the U.K. but sells worldwide through its website, I picked a color scheme called ‘A Kind of Blue’ (blue, black, and yellow), but several other color schemes are available, such as Purple Rain (red, blue, and purple), Green Dream (green, black, and orange), and others. The colors are all sharp and vivid, which makes for a very impressive-looking set. Here’s a picture of the board I received, showing the striking colors.

The first thing you’ll notice about the board and pieces is their size. The checkers are 2” (50.8mm) in size, which is common in Europe, where it’s known as championship size or competition size. (In America the typical tournament set uses 1.75” checkers, or 44.5mm.) The checkers fit snugly six across as they should, neither too tight or too loose.

The board was made with a consideration for easy transport. Many European sets in this size are attractive but brutally heavy, often weighing in at over 20 pounds. The sheer weight makes it hard to lug those sets to tournaments. The BoneClub set, by contrast, is just under 11 pounds, making it easily transportable for almost anyone.

Checkers are a sturdy plastic, and the colors complement the board colors very well. The checkers are dimpled, with the center recessed a bit, which makes them especially easy to slide.
The set comes with a set of precision dice, a doubling cube, and a pair of dice cups which match the board colors. The cups lack lips, which might bother some players, but there’s plenty of room in the interior of the set to replace them with leather lipped cups from another source if you prefer.

One of the nicest features of the set is its fantastic price – 149 British pounds. This compares very favorably with other sets of similar or even smaller sizes, making it a bargain for the price.

If you’re looking for a large, well-made set at a very reasonable price, the Bone.Club set is definitely worth consideration.