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Introducing our groundbreaking Tournament Size Backgammon Boards, now available at an affordable price point (around £799) without compromising on quality. These boards redefine luxury gaming with their innovative design and fully Vegan options, making them a must-have for discerning players.

Featuring an array of stunning color options including Bone Club, Tangerine Dream, Back to Black, and 7 Nation Army, our Tournament Size Backgammon Boards offer something for every style preference.

What sets these boards apart is their eco-conscious construction. The playing surface is made from Pineapple leather, providing a smooth and durable surface for optimal gameplay. Even the outer surface utilizes this sustainable material, ensuring a truly ethical gaming experience. The frame, crafted from Ash wood, is available in both Black and Natural finishes, further adding to the aesthetic appeal. Choose from a beeswax finish for a traditional touch or opt for lacquer for the vegan-friendly alternative.

Designed with convenience in mind, these boards feature black combination locks and a vegan leather handle, making them easy to transport and store. The checkers, made from polished food-grade resin, boast finger dishes for effortless movement during gameplay. The shakers, crafted from wood with trip lips, offer a satisfying roll every time. Each board comes complete with precision dice in black and white, ensuring fair and accurate gameplay.

Adding the final touch of sophistication is the unique Bone Club doubling cube, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.

Experience luxury gaming without the luxury price tag with our Tournament Size Backgammon Boards. Register your interest now and join the revolution in ethical and stylish gaming.


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