Full Leather Tournament Backgammon Board


Beautiful full leather tournament size 44.5mm checker backgammon board in Bone Club colours.


This is for the person who wants a really special backgammon board, an heirloom for the family. Made in Bone Club colours consisting of five colours of leather:

  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Bone white

The checkers are 44.5mm diameter made from nickel plated aluminium with inlaid leather (Bone white and Teal). The checker are a different colour to all the colours on the playing surface allowing great contrast and easy visibility. It also makes for a wonderful palette.

One side of the board houses the checkers, the cups, dice and cube whilst the other has a bear off tray for ending the game. They tray is separated in to two halve by a Bone Club ‘Bones’ logo which was silver foil embossed.

The hinges are hidden with a central bar overlay of leather giving a minimalist feel.

The playing field is made from a turquoise leather background with inlaid orange and brown pips. The surface is smooth and fast producing an amazing gaming experience.

The outer components are the hand made leather handle attached by nickel plated rectangular attachments. The latches are nickel plated and work easily and solidly.

The cups are made of turquoise leather and have cheat lips so are fully tournament compliant if need be.

The dice is a 45mm rounded corner cube with 5 silver foil embossed numbers and one ‘Bones’ logo.

This backgammon board has been described as ‘backgammon in heaven’. So contact us now to know more.