Welcome to the Club Room


Please see below for some of the Bone Club member benefits.

Join The Bone Club Online Tournaments


We run an ongoing online tournament that you can now register for. Believe me it is all very casual and there is no pressure at all. We have all types of players from people who are playing their first tournaments to more experienced players.

We use www.backgammongalaxy.com to play the matches. Set up an account if you don’t have one already and try a few games with some other people. It is pretty easy to get your head around. You can ask one of the other Bone Club members if you need advice.

We use www.challonge.com to run the tournament side of things. Again, it is dead easy. Set up an account here – https://challonge.com/users/new and join the community here – https://challonge.com/communities/boneclub

We use WhatsApp to arrange matches and banter. It’s all dead friendly and funny so get invloved. A tournament normally takes a week but we are not bothered if it goes on a bit.

Email me if you want to join us – bones@boneclub.co.uk

Get special discount


If you get in contact with us when you fancy buying some Bone Club custom gear we can normally arrange a discount for our members. Just get in touch and we can discuss discounts for you’re dream board.

Email me if you want to discuss – bones@boneclub.co.uk

Request Merch


We can make individual items to request. We are talking Tee’s and hoodies in specific colours in any size. We can add special text on these items also. We are also thinking of a larger merch purchase so do let us know if you are interested in the future.

Email me if you want to talk colours etc – bones@boneclub.co.uk



From time to time we put on events around the UK. A favourite is the yearly tournament in Whitby. It is seriously good fun. You will get access to registration for these events before everyone else. You will have to move fast as places generally book up quickly.

Email me if you want to know of events – bones@boneclub.co.uk