House Backgammon Board

Our House Backgammon Boards are all competition size which means they have 2″ / 50 mm checkers. The board is 25″ by 30″ when open which gives an amazing playing experience. They come in 5 amazing colour options. The playing surface is very smooth and the checkers glide effortlessly.

Bespoke Backgammon Board

We love making bespoke backgammon boards. The board size is usually 25″ by 30″ when open which gives an amazing playing experience. You can choose colours, materials, locks, checkers, dice etc. Options include some beautiful suede and leather colours from ALMA Leather and Broadcloth baize from AW Hainsworth.

Backgammon Accessories

Take a look at our Backgammon Accessories including Doubling Dice, Checkers, Dice and more.


Get your havds on some of our new range of Bone Club clobber. Sweet!


Design your own Backgammon Board

We offer a bespoke service where you can design your own board in 4 easy steps. The outer fabric is a faux leather and the playing surface is AW Hainsworth Broadcloth with screen printed ink. You can choose your colour of checkers, shakers and dice. The boards start at £750.

STEP 1 - Choose your outer colour
STEP 2 - Choose your playing surface colour
STEP 3 - Choose your Pip colours
STEP 4 - Choose you accessories
Choose from our range of dice and checkers and shakers.