Now is the chance to design your own custom backgammon board. Yes, we all have our favourite colours, that shade that will go just right, so taking into account that we are all different, we have launched our Custom backgammon board service.

Made from the highest quality AW Hainsworth baize fabric, the kind you find on pool and snooker tables,  we can offer you a range of colours for the backgrounds and the pips. Screen printed pips offer procession lines and crisp colour definition. All made to competition size and accompanied by fine range of acrylic counters and dice to match.

These will make the perfect board to play on and to slot into your favourite colour scheme, So whether you’re a deep red, a canary yellow or maybe a mellow mocha kind of person, we have a board you can make your own.

Call us to discuss your options and we can take you through the choice in our personalised service call 01253 966133.

Don’t forget if you want it for a gift for Christmas make that call quick as all boards are handmade to order – prices from £399.