Learn a new skill this Summer.

So the long summer break has begun, better than Winter coming (yes I know we are all Game of Thrones fans) so what better time to teach the kids a bit of backgammon. Its the perfect game to while away the hours with your favourite people. Not only fun, but you can help them with their maths, cordination and brain power, plus it takes them of the tech for a bit!.

To help get you started Bone club has given you 5 helpful tips:

1. Set your board up in a comfy space, away from the TV and other distractions. Might be the kitchen table, the floor with comfy cushions even the garden if its a nice sunny day. Just make sure its somewhere you can sit for a while.

2. Setting up, make it easy, keep it simple and let them choose the colour!

3. Its all about the race, keep them engaged with a prize for the winner.

4. Be patient – its a game of skill and luck.

5. Keep the encouragement coming and soon they will want to play again and you’ll get to share those precious moments of childhood.

Need a refresh of the rules, read these