Exploded Doubling Cube


A stunning unique personalised Bone Club exclusive Doubling Cube. This cube is like no other. Made from many materials including polyamide, alumide, steel, high detail stainless steel,  silver, brass, bronze, copper, titanium, aluminium and resin. Prices vary massively due to the variety of materials available. Personalise the 64 face of the cube with your initials or a short name or a simple logo. The Polyamide comes in many different colours.

The cube can be any size up to 50mm. Standard sizes are 38mm, 44.5mm, 50mm.

Please contact us on bones@boneclub.co.uk if you would like a quote on some of the metal materials.

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Yellow, Orange, Red, Bordeaux, Green, Blue, Petrol Blue, Purple, Brown, Black


38mm, 44.5mm, 50mm, Other